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Our Clinic Features

Electronic medical records system and management

SANUS keeps an Electronic medical record of each individual as a digital equivalent of paper records and general information such as treatment and medical history, as it is collected by the individuals medical practice. By implementing that record, patient data can be tracked over an extended period of time and it can help identify those who are due for preventive checkups and screenings and monitor how each patient measures up to certain requirements such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings etc.

Prescription replenishment and delivery of medication

SANUS ensures the supply of medicines at your prefered address.
We are commited to check that the medicines prescribed to patients are correctly delivered and also are here to advise patients about medicines, including how to take them, what reactions may occur and answering to ones questions.

Optometrist prescriptions for glasses and delivery

In case of an accident and in need of delivered glasses we stay prepared to serve you as quickly as possible with your prescription glasses.

Sports and health programs

SANUS collaborates with special nutritionists and coaches at your preferred address to create individualized plans for achieving your goals and provide nutritional information. We are committed to help improve your wellbeing and sports performance through science, sports and health consulting, no matter your fitness level, pain or injury on board or at home.

Ancillary services as needed

Diagnostic or therapeutic services provided by a professional health care provider. Also Ambulance services, Private duty nursing, laboratory services, Wound-care services

Translation services

Annual membership possible for full coverage of medical needs

and concierge medicine services

Transport and accommodation arrangements

if needed
74, Sofokleous Str.
     185 39 Piraeus, Greece
+30 210 451 2543
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